The Unfortunate Chain of Events called “The Shibuya Incident”.

*Spoiler Warning* This article will be discussing the events of Jujutsu Kaisen’s first major arc and expound upon the themes involved.

Fake Geto’s cryptic words before the End.
Brain-Kun Reveal
Dagon’s anguish and birth.
Dagon’s vow of names.
Toji killing himself.
Young girls resolve for Geto Suguru
Chapter 2 parallel and unfortunate events
Yuji being reminded that he is not alone.
Nobara’s memories, Mahito’s lecture, and Todo’s arrival.
Yuji’s resolve to Kill Mahito
Shibuya satellite view.
Yuta’s resolve to Kill Yuji.
The discussion of the Aftermath
The return of the Heian Era.



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